My readership

When I started with my blog I thought that it would be nice to share my thoughts, work, and new things with my friends. Recently, I added a gadget - (Whos among us) to monitor the visitors. I checked the "status" today and I was really surprised - up to now I had quite a lot of visitors from all over the Europe, USA, Canada, but also some hits from Middle and South America, Australia, Africa (Egypt and South Africa), Inida, China, ... Wow, this is much more than I ever anticipated! I guess that some visitors are just passing by, but it is still nice to have audience ;)


baconpauer said...

Congratulations for your blog.
I think there is very useful information in this space.
I'm from Brazil. I work on beef cattle genetics and I'm trying to move from SAS to R (and other free-source packages) and your posts and comments had helped me a lot.

Best regards,


Gregor Gorjanc said...

Hardoldo, thank you for feedback!