9th WCGALP is finnished

9th WCGALP is finnished. It was a great conference with more than 1300 participants. For me it was quite stresfull to scheudle the list of presentations I would like to attend as there were six sessions in parallel. Well, I managed more or less to get maximum out of it. I believe we can say that the premise of this confernce was genomic selection, but there were also some other interesting stuff on genetics/genomics applied to livestock species. It was fun to met old and new colleagues and friends.

My contribution (Flexible Bayesian Inference of Animal Model Parameters Using BUGS Program) was chosen to be presented as a poster. I hoped for a talk, but this is part of the "game". I got quite some inquries at the poster session, so I am satisfied.

For LaTeX enthusiasts: I created poster using beamerposter package using the tweaked style from Martin Weiglhofer. It is a great LaTeX package, but it took me quite long to get the poster done - the initial layout and setting was fast, but tweaks (positioning a bit left, right, up, down, ...) were quite time consuming. MS PowerPoint still rocks in this regard, though the typsetting is much much nicer with LaTeX.
Flexible Bayesian Inference of Animal Model Parameters Using BUGS Program - poster