Ocenjevanje parametrov v Bayesovski statistiki (IBMI)

Prosojnice z današnje predstavitve o ocenjevanju parametrov v Bayesovski statistiki na IBMI so na voljo tukaj.
Ocenjevanje parametrov v Bayesovski statistiki


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Ovčereja na Norveškem

Ovčereja na Norveškem


ASD 2011 - Primošten

Animal Science Days (ASD) conference was held in Primošten this year. I participated with the following contributions as a co-author:
  • Lambing Interval in Jezersko-Solčava and Improved Jezersko-Solčava Breed. PDF
  • Partitioning of Genetic Trends by Originin Croatian Simmental Cattle. PDF
  • Estimation of Variance Components for Litter Size in the First and Later Parities in Improved Jezersko-Solcava Sheep. PDF
  • The Effect of Coenzyme Q10 and Lipoic Acid Added to the Feed of Hens on Physical Characteristics of Eggs. PDF