Plot large networks

After fiding out Gephi I came across hive plots, which seem to be genuine way to plot large networks with information gain in mind. The tool is called linnet, which probably relates to "linearizing the network" and was developed in the group of Martin Krzywinski. Bellow is a plot from their webpage, while you can find more detailes in talks and posters that are linked on their website. Cool stuff indeed!!! They also have a tool called circo for circular display of relations among many nodes, something like correlations.


Prevod: Bayesian statistics in Bayesian updating

Prevajanje strokovnih izrazov iz tujega jezika (primarno angleščine) v slovenski jezik je zadeva, ki je ne maram. Najbrž iz razloga, da nisem ravno ne vem kako "dober v slovenščini". Poleg tega je prevajanje zamudna reč in vsak ima svojo varianto prevoda. Pred nekaj leti sem ob druženju s študenti statistike predstavil "Bayesian statistics". Takrat smo se ubadali glede prevoda in prišli do sklepa, da je "Bayesovska statistika" primeren prevod in ne "Bayesova statistika". Danes sem bil ponovno vključen v podobno "debato", kjer smo prevedli "Bayesian updating" v "Bayesovsko posodabljanje". Pomen tega izraza tiči v tem, da lahko pri Bayesovski statistiki rezultat (posteriorna porazdelitev) iz ene analize uporabimo kot predhodno znanje/vedenje (apriorno porazdelitev) pri drugi/novi analizi. Ima mogoče kdo kakšen boljši predlog prevoda?


ABG-HUB - Animal Breeding and Genetics Hub

Gabor Meszaros sent out today this message
Dear colleagues,

I would like to officially announce the website “Animal Breeding and Genetics Hub” we created with Gregor Gorjanc (Slovenia). The site supposed to serve as a place holding links to free animal breeding relatedsites throughout the Web.

At this point we have links to some online course materials,conference proceedings, links to ABG software sites, mailing lists, biodiversity and agricultural development resources. We also make use of the Web 2.0features such as RSS feeds, which show you the links to papers from various scientific journals in real time on one page meaning that if anew paper comesout it shows up in the RSS feed). Also there are some pictures and videos fromsome organizations, and more…

The link to the website is: http://www.netvibes.com/ABG-Hub#General

We tried to include most of our links to have some contentright at the start. But it is likely that we missed some good resources/journals out there. We would like to ask you that if you know about something that is not yet on the site, please let us know via the email: ABGHub@gmail.com

Also we would be happy to get any kind of feedback on ourwork.