Using Sweave with LyX customisation script

Gabor suggested I should write a short batch file or R script which would copy the various files needed to use Sweave in LyX so that one does not need to actually do it onself. That would be nice, but there are several things that I should take care of:
  • I would need to find the LyX user/library directory. I do not know how to get his information in scriptable manner.
  • If the preference file already exists, I would have to append new content. That is easy, but in case some definitions are already used I would first need to parse the old version of prefences. That would not be so easy.
  • I would need to write a Unix shell script for Unix like systems and a batch file for MS Windows. I am not sure about Mac OS-X - I think Unix shell script should work there out of the box.
I think I will leave this step to someone else. I actually hope, that LyX developers might find a way to provide automatic customisation if R is installed on the computer. Some ideas were given here. Additionally, Gabors' {Sweave,Stangle}.bat could be used instead of {Sweave,Stangle}.sh that are shipped with R.


Using Sweave with LyX on MS Windows

Ian Holliday has informed me that my solution for using Sweave with LyX has additional requirement that I have not stated. Beside LyX & R (obviously) one needs also a variant of Unix shell. I have not realized this before since I usually use Linux, which always has installed a variant of Unix shell. Additionally, I always install a set of Unix tools (via Cygwin or MSYS) on my MS Windows boxes. Therefore, I could not realize that Unix shell is needed. However, I could have figured this requirement since R CMD Sweave and R CMD Stangle (commands that drive the weaving and the tangling process - this two commands are also inserted in LyXs' preferences file) use shell scripts Sweave.sh and Stangle.sh. I have provided additional info about this issue in INSTALL file. New version of the Rnews paper will appear soon.


Slides and videos from The 3rd International Conference of Quantitative Genetics

The 3rd International Conference of Quantitative Genetics was held at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China August 19 -24, 2007. The webpage of the conference is available at:


Now, slides and videos are available for download. Great!