9th WCGALP: Flexible Bayesian Inference of Animal Model Parameters Using BUGS Program

Conference madness is continuing ;) Bellow is my contribution for 9th WCGALP (World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production), which is held every four years. The above site describes it as: "This congress is the premier meeting point for scientists around the world involved in genetic improvement of livestock". My contribution is again on fitting so called animal model (pedigree based mixed model) in BUGS. The contributions must be very short (only four pages), so there is not much to show. I hope the contribution is going to be accepted so that I can spread this idea among the animal breeders.
Flexible Bayesian Inference of Animal Model Parameters Using BUGS Program


WAMWiki - wild animal models wiki

WAMWiki is a great place with tutorials on how to fit animal models with ASREML, WOMBAT and MCMCglmm. Perhaps I could add my work with animal models in BUGS in the future ;) There are several things there (testing for random effects, bivariate models, ...) and a nice description of pedantics software, that can report about information in the pedigree - structure, ...


LyX and Sweave with R on Windows XP or Vista

Jeff Laake contributed instructions on how to setup LyX to work with Sweave on Windows XP or Vista so that others might benefit. I did not read the instructions thorougly! He expanded the work of Murat. As far as I understand, in comparison to my approach they avoid the need for unix shell, which is nice!

P.S. (2010-04-01) See also LyX Wiki


LyX-Sweave - use of Ctrl+Enter

Yihui writes:
I have been wondering if it is possible to use Enter instead of Ctrl+Enter in the Sweave code chunk in LyX. It is not quite convenient to press Ctrl+Enter, what's more, we are not able to copy R code and paste it into LyX from other editors (vice versa). I see we are allowed to use a single carriage return in LaTeX code embedded in LyX. Why must Sweave code use Ctrl+Enter? Thanks!
My reply:
LyX prohibits the use of enter key for anything else than starting a new paragraph - this is default behaviour which is great for writing, but notorious for using Sweave with LyX. When you press enter you get a new paragraph, which would start a new chunk of code or is it new paragraph with default style - I do not remember the details at the moment. I agree that this is far from handy, but I was not able to find a solution for this. However, as you mention, it is possible to use ERT LaTeX boxes, to overcome this.