Components of genetic improvement

I caught a quote (by Blasco) at the ACTEON maling list: "The genetic improvement applied is 15% science and 85% sociology." - translated by Google


Phenotype MicroArrays - building the hierarchy in biology

I got an e-mail in my box about the presentation of Phenotype MicroArrays (PM) at our department. I will not be able to attend it, but this site describes the idea behind it. This "tool" is a nice addition to a set of DNA/RNA and protein arrays. Adding PM means that we can move one layer above the gene-protein layer. However, as my interest often lies in ultimate phenotype of an individual that we observe, we are still some layers far from deciphering the role of genes on the ultimate phenotype.

Source: http://www.biolog.com


Slick correlation "plots"

Slick correlation "plots" in Wikipedia entry for correlation. I just wonder if correlation should really be zero for the (3,2)-th case. I woukd say it should be slightly more than zero.


Sweave-Lyx from terminal on Mac

Mark Heckmann writes:
In your paper "Using Sweave with Lyx" (great work bty) you pointed out that one can see the sweave error code when processing when starting lyx from the terminal. I just changed from Windows to Mac so that's new for me. Could you send me a few lines how to do that, that is how to operate lyx from terminal and sweave the content from the terminal.
I am not familiar with Mac, though would be happy to own one;) Since Mac OS is build on top of some linux/unix like system you need to start the terminal (console) with shell and find the lyx binary. Perhaps something like this on my linux box (text following $ are shell commands)

# Find the lyx binary
$ which lyx

# Start lyx from console
$ lyx&