Version control (CVS and SVN) cleints for MS Windows

Version control is a good thing. I have some experience with CVS and SVN. Installing the clients to "talk" with the server is very simple under Linux, i.e., something like:
apt-get install cvs svn
It is quite some time since I "discovered" the TortoiseSVN, which is a client for MS Windows. It is really nice, since it integrates smoothly with the Windows Explorer (the yellow folder icon). Today, I also "discovered" that there is also TortoiseCVS. I usually do not do any development under MS Windows, but it is very handy to be able to do a change or two and commit the changes from MS Windows.

In my opinion using the open source programs (R, FireFox, ThunderBird, ...) can improve the working experience with MS Windows a lot.

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