Mailing lists for quantitative and/or statistical genetics

It is always good to have someone to ask some questions or to disscus relevant issues. Mailing lists or forums are a very good place for this. Unfortunatelly, there is to my knowledge no place on the net, where one would find all people working in this field in "one place". The field of quantitative and/or statistical genetics is very scattered among various "disciplines" (animal breeding, plant breeding, human genetics, ...). I somewhat monitor the following places:
Does anyone know of any other list?

P.S. If you do not want to have an email jam in your inbox, I warmly recomend you to use something like Bloglines.com, which allows you to create an e-mail to subscribe to a particular list. Then you can read the e-mails as any other RSS news.

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Mohammed said...

Dear Gregor,

Thank you for bringing this issue up. I too have noticed the lack of a structured website or forum were one can ask questions and participate in discussions related to animal breeding or quantitative genetics theory, tools and other general questions. Since 2011 I have been trying to ask "big names" in the fields to create such an environment but with no luck. An example of such a thing in bioinformatics is Biostar which I personally learned a lot from. I don't know if you have found such an website yet?