Kermode Bear Genetics Graphic From National Geographic Magazine

Kermode bear is a black bear from British Columbia, which is not black, but white as demonstrated in this photo (linked from National Geographic (NG) story about these bears).

The story also explains the genetic mechanism behind this coloring. It is a type of autosomal recessive gene, where white color is seen only in animals carrying two copies of the white allele (gene type). NG story tried to demonstrate this with the following graphic (again linked from the National Geographic (NG) story about these bears). However, they did one pretty annoying flaw. Why did not they draw two circles in each bear representing two gene copies each animal carries? This would be the most natural way to boost this graphics! They should have used two circles with black and white color. Bears would be white only if they would carry two white circles and black otherwise. In addition it would be nice to add also a mating between two animals carrying each two black genes.

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