IPSUR book used LyX-Sweave

Jay Kerns wrote a book titled "Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R" or IPSUR for short. He has put up a web site for the book and Rcmdr plugin. There are at least two very important points from my side (I did not read the book, yet): 1. it is free to download (thank you Jay!!!) and 2. it was written with the help of LyX-Sweave. This shows that combination of LyX and Sweave is really powerful.


Yihui Xie said...

I'm doing the similar thing with LyX-Sweave (actually LyX-pgfSweave) -- I have been writing a Chinese book on R graphics for years; it is also free online (not finished yet): http://yihui.name/cn/publication/#MSG

LyX-Sweave is really a great combination! Thanks, Gregor.

aL3xa said...

Even more: it's licensed with GNU GPL, so it's both free as in free beer and free as in freedom... so there, I've downloaded both PDF and LyX versions. Thanks for pointing at this one Gregor!

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