LyX and Sweave with R on Windows XP or Vista

Jeff Laake contributed instructions on how to setup LyX to work with Sweave on Windows XP or Vista so that others might benefit. I did not read the instructions thorougly! He expanded the work of Murat. As far as I understand, in comparison to my approach they avoid the need for unix shell, which is nice!

P.S. (2010-04-01) See also LyX Wiki


Frode said...

Although eliminating the need for a Unix shell, this method breaks some functionality, as far as I can tell. I was unable to use the IPSUR.lyx file with their method.

However, using all their insructions save the ones on how to set LyX up, replacing those with the insructions in the "Install" paragraph your article worked quite well for me.

I am using MS Win 7 64 bit.

Frode said...

Although the instructions given by Jeff Laake eliminates the need for a Unix shell, it seems to break some functionality. I was unable to compile the file IPSUR.lyx using the instructions.

However, following Laake's instructions, substituting the steps to set up LyX with the ones in the section Using Sweave With LyX - LyX Customisation - "Install" in your paper worked like a charm.

Thank you for the great work.