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I got a message from Inference for R team. Their work is interesting, especially if you are bound to MS Excel and Word environment! It would be great if they would also support OpenOffice. They "benefit" from open source R and it would be great if they would also provide a solution for open source "office".


Inference for R said...

Thank you Gegor for posting about Inference for R. A recent post on our blog offers insight into our development efforts in OpenOffice, Mac, and Linux/Unix:


The short of it is that we're looking to add OpenOffice support to Inference. As one of the first steps towards that end, in the next release, we plan to support OpenOffice datasets in Inference. This means that you can define your datasets as OpenOffice spreadsheets (just as you currently can in Excel) and then access that data directly from your R code.

Best Regards,

The Inference for R Team

Gregor Gorjanc said...

I have read that post and can only say that I understand your position and I believe that you are trying hard to fuse OpenOffice with your product. Though this might have be "conceptually" much easier from the scratch, but as I wrote in the post I understand why you took the MS way.