Course: Study of resistance mechanisms in animal infectious diseases course

On behalf of Anne-Sophie Lequarré:

A new session of the well quoted course "Study of resistance mechanisms in animal infectious diseases" will be held one last time at the University of Liège, Belgium from the 16 to the 20 of March 2009 .

This one-week course gives a general introduction to the methods for the identification and exploitation of genetic factors in infectious diseases. It explores the interactions between the genetic diversity of the pathogen and the host in their particular environments. The aim is to integrate the insights of the various disciplines to get a better picture of the genetic basis of resistance to major infectious diseases in livestock.

The course can interest breeders in order to optimize the production in presence of harmful pathogens, biologists to better understand the causes and consequences of co-evolution of the host and its pathogens and of course the epidemiologists.

The course will be taught at a level commensurate with a Master of Science's degree but can also serve as an elective course for researchers wishing to better understand analyses found in the scientific literature. Speakers involved are not only renown scientists but also very good teachers.

The course is supported by EADGENE, a European Network of Excellence on Animal Disease Genomics. Registration prices are quite affordable (250 Euros requested for students or academic personnel). More information can be found at (registration dead-line 15th of February):
ourses/StudyofResistanceMechanisms/tabid/242/Default.aspx (please copy whole link into browser or go to http://www.eadgene.info, and follow links within the Training section).

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