Sweave.sh plays with weaver

After adding support for the cacheSweave package (see here) I have also added support for the weaver package to my Sweave.sh script. The experimental version is available here. After testing and feedback I will upload it to CRAN. One can use this new feature with the command (see previous post for the Sweave file):
Sweave.sh --weaver test.Rnw
This will turn caching on. If one has Sweave file with code chunks specifying chunk=true, but would like to recompute all information that is cached, the following command can be used:
Sweave.sh --skipweaver test.Rnw
I noticed that weaver does not play nice with example from my previous posts, i.e., it still waits for 15 seconds. My guess is that cacheSweave is a more complete implementation, but I might be wrong!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that running Sweave.sh --weaver test.Rnw will run through the file twice because what is executed in R is the following:
Sweave(file='test.Rnw'); library(package='weaver'); Sweave(file='test.Rnw', driver=weaver())

Hope this helps.

Gregor Gorjanc said...

See here.