I was searching for some papers via Google and found a PDF file with a list of very fine reference on the topic of inbreeding. I discovered that the PDF file is hosted at Consang.net. I like te site! Read the summary if you are interested in the topic. They show a nice map showing level of inbreeding in humans as reported in the literature. I am linking the picture here to make the post more interesting ;)

Beside nice map, the site has also a Google map that shows the data (by country) that were used in the creation of the above map. I only checked some data and found out that (out of those I looked at) many refernces are quite old. Therefore, I am bit skeptical about the "validity" of the map for the present time. For example, Hans Rosling showed that there have been large changes in the world in last century. Well, the "mating system" in humans probably did not change that much, but I still have some doubts that the level of inbreeding in humans is so much higher in the Near East. This could be as well just my lack of knowledge. I would be happy if anyone can teach me;) Besides this data the site hosts a fine list or references.

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