Move to *ubuntu

I had to install GNU/Linux on my box at work and have looked yesterday at Ubuntu (uses Debian as a source of packages) and its derivatives (Kubuntu an Xubuntu). I decided to take Xubuntu, because I will use this machine for a bit more involved computing and I do not want to spend to much resources on eye-candy stuff. Additionally, Xubuntu should be the right choice for my poor laptop.

It turned out that this was very good choice. I had running linux in say 20 min. It is very nicely packed and organized. Up to now I have used RedHat and Debian and this is the best of all! Not to mention the quality of help - really clean, straight, nicely written. Impressive! Debian has great package management, but Ubuntu has pushed this even further. Very slick. I think I will install it also on my laptop over the weekend. I hope wireless will work OK.

I am installing now VirtualBox. Virtualization seems to be very easy these days. Looks like I will be able to abandon dual booting. Oh, at last.

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