Wich forge for R should I use

When developing software it is very handy to have some version control companied with e-mail alerts on commits, maybe a forum etc. I have used SourceForge for this for some of my packages i.e. in r-genetics and r-ggorjan "projects". I have even persuaded some of "R-BUGS" people to initiate bugs-r (I have not done any development recently there which is a pitty). What I miss with SourceForge is daily checks with R CMD check etc. I have written some scripts to do this and even played with (semi-)automatic publication on my homepage (follow software --> R). This was very tedious and it never worked in the way I wanted. CRAN provides daily check for all packages but only for those published at CRAN. BioC has pushed this idea a bit further with SVN and daily checks of code in SVN against several R versions (the last feature is also available by CRAN).

I noticed in the past a note by Gregory Warnes on site ala "R-Forge" - I do not remember the details. Now I have discovered r-forge.net by Simon Urbanek which seems to be great for what I want. I have browsed the site and wanted to join there, but then I discover the following note on that site:

"Note: This site is not related (except in spirit) to the R-Forge project at the WU Wien which can be found at http://r-forge.wu-wien.ac.at/."

Pheu. There seems to be another site with this functionality! Given that this site has r-project.org domain I guess that this will become official forge for R. I will ask on R-devel list.

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