NTFS with Linux

As a Linux user I always had problems with NTFS drivers for Windows disk/partition. I used drivers that come with a kernel, but only read was supported. Now, we can have also write support with NTFS-3G. Debian users can simply type

aptitude install ntfs-3g

NTFS-3G site shows how to use this "driver". Now I have the following in my /etc/auto.mnt

flash -fstype=ntfs-3g,gid=usb,umask=002,sync :/dev/sda1
slimwin -fstype=ntfs-3g,gid=usb,umask=002,sync :/dev/sda1

This also means that I can safely reformat my USB stick from VFAT to NTFS and no more "problems" with long filenames. I was unable to format USB to NTFS. I followed this note.

Finally, this is one barrier less for use of Linux. Great!

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